Saturday 22 December 2012

Magical Sea Kayaking Destination - Islay

What a great way to finish work just before the festive season begins, working up in Scotland on the beautiful island of Islay.  Travelling up from the Southwest to the ferry port and then arriving by boat at Port Ellen is a great way to start a weeks adventure.

We dropped off our bags and grabbed our kit and headed out to make the most of the daylight, leaving Port Ellen behind we headed towards Oa, the scenery and wildlife are spectacular and provided us with some rock hopping fun.

The next two days, I ran a BCU 4 Star Sea Leaders training course for the local club, after an initial chat we got on the water and headed out to Texa, a small island on the south coast. On the second day we were confronted with force 7/8 winds and a sea state i can only describe as big, confused and intimidating.  After finding a more sheltered area around Ardbeg, we looked at personal skills, towing systems and strategies and rescues.

After the stormy conditions had passed it left a great play ground for rock hoping, surfing and general fun around the skerries on the south coast. The tidal influences made the playing even more enjoyable and allowed us to travel along the coast with ease.

Many thanks to Dave and Emma for being such great hosts during our week and I look forward to visiting again in 2013.

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